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Nottinghamshire County Council putting commuters before communities

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Rufford is a small settlement located in the heart of Sherwood Forest. It consists of a handful of cottages originally built by the Saville estate to house estate workers. The settlement is located on a rural unclassifed road called Rufford Lane, which also serves the much-loved tourist destination Rufford Country Park, a small number of farmsteads, together with several self-contained recreational / tourist facilities, including Sherwood Castle Holiday Village, Rufford Park Golf Centre and Wellow Park Stables. It also provides access to a number of footpaths and bridleways.

Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC) is supposedly committed to providing safe living environments and routes that encourage the use and enjoyment of sustainable modes of transport, such as walking, cycling and horse-riding. It has also pledged to increase Nottinghamshire's appeal as a tourist destination. However, as this website tragically demonstrates these stated ambitions are nothing more than hollow rhetoric.


In 2008 NCC indicated that they would tackle the traffic problems on Rufford Lane. Five years, numerous accidents and two fatalities later... and still nothing has been done!




Broken promises:

Day in, day out the local community suffer damage to personal property and they and vulnerable road users continue to live in constant fear of injury and harm.

When was the last time you witnessed a road traffic accident in the vicinity of your home? Rarely? Never?

Well, for Rufford Lane residents this is all-too common.

Following a conserted campaign by local residents, supported by their County Councillor, NCC highways acknowledged the real problems that rat-running traffic was causing. Despite reassurances that they would tackle this problem their actions never matched their words. But by ignoring the problems outlined in this website they are implicitly condoning the exposure of the most vulnerable road users and local residents to grave danger - even though we all have the right to live in a safe community!

This website was developed by the Rufford Lane Action Group to highlight the dangers that residents and vulnerable road users have to encounter on a daily basis. Please take the time to peruse this website and if you too think it is time that something was done to tackle these problems, then please email your comments to

"I can assure you that there is committment on the part of the County Council to address the real concerns of Rufford residents.

There is a strong possibility that Rufford Lane can be turned into 'access only' next year when the County Council take on additional powers of civil enforcement".

Mr Chris Charnley (Head of Highway Management, NCC), 2008.


Promised action, but then an unexplained change of heart...

"We will not be considering a scheme on Rufford Lane. I anticipate that you will not be satisfied with my response..."

Miss Jo Horton (Highways Manager, NCC), 2012